Four Fantastic Picture Books for Fall

Some children are born questioners. They want to know all about the things they see around them, and the changes taking place in the outside-their-doors world definitely interest them. Share Summer Green to Autumn Gold, by Mia Posada, for a bright and beautiful - and scientific - explanation of what’s happening to the leaves on the trees as they get ready to…fall.

Little learners can enjoy Sue Tarsky’s Taking A Walk. This is a counting book where what is counted are the many special sights to see when the air grows crisp in the countryside. From one harvest moon to ten flying geese, children can enjoy discovering what's special about the season while getting some practice counting from 1 to 10.

It’s easy to gather nuts in fall – but what do squirrels do for food when it’s spring? And, how do they stay warm in the winter? Readers and listeners can follow the squirrels through their seasons. Written simply but engagingly, The Squirrels' Busy Year is a wonderful storytime choice, particularly for curious children who love animals. Author Martin Jenkins has written several other First Science Storybooks, including Bird Builds a Nest and Caterpillar and Bean.

"Come one, come all to the annual windfall ball!"
Do your children enjoy a fun-filled story? Jamie M. Swenson’s A Fall Ball for All is not so much about the science (though there’s a bit of that) as the gleefulness of animals coming together for a grand feast under the autumn stars before they go their separate ways for the winter. Gorgeous, glowing illustrations by Chiara Fedele and Swenson’s lyrical writing will pull listeners in and fire their imaginations.

Looking for more books to go with chilly days and sweet cider? Check out our list, Happy Fall, Y’all, for a bumper crop of harvest time fun.

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Falling leaves, pumpkin carving, apple picking, and so much more! Check out these picture books that celebrate everything about autumn.

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