Red, White, and Blue Music

On July 4th, burgers sizzle on the grill, and cold drinks are passed around. Happy dogs play with frisbees, and sunburned kids finally climb out of the pool. In the growing darkness, fireworks begin to crackle and zoom overhead. At last a special song starts playing, and all the people get quiet as they remember…
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A Day for Dad

Do you think that Fathers Day is another Hallmark holiday, created just to sell greeting cards? Not so! In 1909, Sonora Smart Dodd, in Spokane, Washington, was listening to a lecture on Mothers Day and thinking about her father's incredible accomplishment in raising his six children alone after the death of her mother. Sonora wanted…
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Sidewalk Games

Looking for something to do on when it's a nice day outside? Grab a piece of chalk, some bottle caps, and maybe even a bag of marbles. Have friends over. Eat, laugh, play in the sun, drink something icy, and chalk out your own game board.  When you're done chalking circles, squares and secret messages on the…
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