The Brostek Family: Favorites for All Ages

This post is part of our Guest Picks series, featuring members of our library community sharing their favorite books and movies.

Our family loves to read. We read every night with our children before bed. Matt downloads eBooks from the library and reads every morning and evening as he commutes into DC for work each day. Elizabeth loves the fact that we can try out different books and magazines without cluttering our house. We are so fortunate to live close to Porter library and visit at least once a week to load up on books, movies, magazines, or to participate in one of the children’s activities.

The Brostek Family
Matt, Elizabeth, Sarah (age 9), and Daniel (age 4)

The librarians at Porter have played an active role in our children’s love of the library and reading from story time since they were toddlers to the summer reading program to Fabulous Fridays for Sarah as an elementary student. They always greet my children by name when we stop by.

Check out some of this family's favorites!

CRRL Guest Picks: Brostek Family Favorites

The Brostek family can often be found at the Porter Branch checking out books and more and enjoying library activities. Here are some of their favorite books.

From Sarah: "I loved Benji’s huge dog that can talk to him. I was shocked by the ending of this book and could not wait to start reading Elvis and the Underdogs: Secrets, Secret Service and Room Service."

From Sarah: "I loved this book and can’t wait for the next one to come out in January. There were lots of clues and puzzles for the reader to figure out. This book was humorous and did not end the way I expected." Also available as an eBook and on audio.

From the parents: "Great thriller with a surprising twist in the middle." Also available as an eBook, on audio, on audio to download, and as a book club kit.

From Daniel: "The pictures are fun to look at. I love helping finish the rhyme on each page and seeing each machine go to sleep. A great way to end the day, calm down, and get ready for bed." Also available as an eBook.

From Sarah: "My dad is reading this to me right now, and we can’t wait to get to the end. I love the time that my dad takes each night to read to me before I go to bed. My favorite part so far is when they met the giant." Also available as on audio and as an eBook.

From Sarah: "I was hooked from the beginning and can’t wait to get through all of them. This was a great first book in the series. These are the biggest books that I have ever read." Also available on audio and as an eBook.

From Daniel: "I make the beeping noises for the little blue truck every time I see the blue 'Beep' word. I also like making the animal sounds throughout the book. This is a good story about pulling together to help those in need." Also available as a board book and on audio to download.

From the parents: "I liked the realism of the story that highlights some of the challenges of going to Mars. The book shows the benefits of a positive attitude when confronted with difficult situations." Also available as an eBook and on audio.

From Daniel: "Turkey has dodged being the main course at Thanksgiving and is on another mission to not get eaten for Christmas dinner. I love seeing all of the ways he tries to disguise himself to get by the elves to see Santa to get his Christmas wish granted. This book has wonderful pictures and lots to talk about on each page."

From Sarah: "This is a big kid’s version of a fairy tale. I enjoyed when they went through the mirror and entered the fairyland."

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