English Language Learning for New Americans

By Kristi Lisech

One of the things that makes our country great is our diverse cultural heritage. People from all over the world settle right here in Virginia. Currently, over one million immigrants live in Virginia. They bring new ideas, rich cultural traditions, and a variety of native languages. 

Learning English is a common goal for most of these new immigrants, who are also known as New Americans, as they strive for better work opportunities, educational opportunities, community engagement, and ultimately American citizenship. Central Rappahannock Regional Library has resources and programs to help them in that endeavor. CRRL can assist New Americans in finding language learning books, websites, videos, classes, conversation groups, and more.  

Do you or someone you know need help improving English language skills? Public libraries have had a primary mission to help immigrants with language skills since their beginnings, and our library system enthusiastically supports that mission. Check out our ELL (English Language Learners) Answers page to discover how our many resources may be able to assist you.

CRRL Picks: For English Language Learners and Teachers

These materials from our collection can help ELL studies. Check out our ELL Answers page for additional resources!

Expert guidance on using the research-based strategies with learners at all levels of proficiency.

Learn the English you need for everyday situations. Easy level for speakers of any language. Part of a series.

Written as a guide for people who already have a basic understanding of English and want to improve their ability to speak it the way it is spoken in the United States.

Introduces you to hundreds of essential words and helps you quickly build the skills and confidence needed to use them correctly in conversation. Many useful exercises provide you with word-building practice. You also learn how to rapidly analyze new words you may encounter and incorporate them into your ever-growing vocabulary.

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