Great Comics to Teach Kids

Kids now have so many fantastic options when it comes to using comics and graphic novels to learn about real-life concepts. These books are visually stimulating while still offering a considerable amount of information about the subjects contained within. Here is where to start when searching for non-fiction graphic novels for elementary-aged students.

Graphic Library is an extensive series from Capstone Kids, which focuses on publishing engaging, colorful titles to encourage reading and curiosity. The series covers biographies, inventions, and significant historical events in an appealing way. There are two fictional characters with their own sensational spin-off series in the Graphic Library collection. Isabel Soto Archaeology Adventures follow a gutsy, multiple college degree-toting heroine traveling across space and time in order to learn more about ancient cultures. Isabel visits the Incas, the Romans, and everywhere and when in between.

Max Axiom: Super Scientist dives into the scientific world, shrinking down to microscopic levels to explore cell structures and DNA. He also tackles weather, technology, and natural disasters in his exciting adventures, explaining throughout how each of these heady concepts works.

Future scientists who are looking for more explorations should also absolutely seek out Science Comics, published by First Second Books. Each title is an incredibly in-depth breakdown of a scientific concept (Bats, Coral Reefs, Volcanoes, and Rockets) with all sorts of cool visuals and funny jokes along the way.

For the history buffs, Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales is a spectacularly gritty series focusing on some of the less idyllic - but still fascinating - points in our nation’s history. The title character from the first book, One Dead Spy, Nathan Hale is best remembered for his capture during the American Revolution and is often credited with the line: "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country."

The first book elaborates on that story, but the series has spanned across time to offer insight on the Underground Railroad, the Monitor and Merrimac, and possibly the most notorious book in the series...the Donner Party. Fans of this series should also check out the “You Wouldn’t Want to…” books. Though not comic books, they use hilarious illustrations to point out the various reasons why you might not wish to live during the Roman Empire, the Middle Ages, or the Industrial Revolution.

This is just a sampling of the great non-fiction children's graphic novels in our collection. Explore our catalog for more suggestions, and put those desired titles on request for pick-up at the branch closest to you!