I Eat Poop. A Dung Beetle Story by Mark Pett

By Megan Northcote

Sometimes it’s okay to be different, even if you’re a dung beetle who eats poop for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! In this hilariously heart-warming story of acceptance, Dougie Dung Beetle learns the importance of not being ashamed of what makes him grossly unique! At first, Dougie would hide his poop sandwiches under a rock and eat in secret to avoid being bullied. But when he saves Ronald Roly Poly from rolling out of control, suddenly Dougie finds himself befriended by Wesley Wasp and his popular bug gang. His one friend, Herman Housefly, tries to encourage Dougie to be himself. But Herman’s advice goes unheeded, until one day, the popular bugs dare Dougie to play a prank on Herman. Will Dougie go along with the prank or stand up to the popular bugs and be proud of the poop-eating insect that he is?!

I Eat Poop, opens a new window is the perfect classroom read aloud for talking about bullying and acceptance. Likewise, detailed bug character sketches on the endpapers highlighting the talents of different classmates would make for a great, laugh-out-loud segue into a unit on insect classification. This picture book’s illustrations are abuzz with insects of all different physical appearances and personalities, which are sure to bring a smile to the faces of elementary school students and teachers alike!