My Librarian: All in Verse

By Colleen Hybl

This is not a curse.
This is just a verse.
Please do not reverse!
Take a moment and traverse.
These books may not rhyme.
They will be worth your time.

With great feeling, let’s start.
In All He Knew, opens a new window, Henry is apart from his heart.
His family.
He is in a place for the weak.
It is not for the meek.
Yet, there is hope
Someone new will help Henry cope.

The Canyon's Edge, opens a new window begins when Nora is separated from her father during a flash flood with a fall.
A fall, fall, falling.
I can’t get sad.
Have to find him
Let me go out on a limb.
We lost Mom last year.
Bam, bam, bam, went Mom
Must find Dad!

D-39, opens a new window
is all mine.
Bombs increase.
Dad disappears.
Jopa’s mom and sister disappear.
We must go.
Off to see my mom.

comes with us.
To find Everlake
Dog refuge
War follows us
Will we make it?

Samira Surfs, not at all.
All new country: Bangladesh
Myanmar or Burma is in the past
I want to belong.
Rohingya are unwanted and scorned
Alas, must make do with shrimping, restaurant work, and eggs.

Samira surfs, maybe.
Until new friends are made.
Realizations and surprises
Finding something of her own?
Samira surfs.

I hope you found a new book friend.
This is the end.