CRRL Staff Picks: Best of 2019

So many good books, so hard to choose!

But, we did it, and here are our favorite picks published or released in 2019.

We picked 26, favorites, and you can see the first 10 here.

CRRL Staff Picks: Best of 2019

An easy and relatable guide to making a positive impact to protect the Earth by reducing and reusing waste. - Erin B.

A dystopian novel, but there was a thread of hope that ran through the book. - Terre W.

Brings to light that even generational hate can be overcome. - Terry

After flunking out of Vassar, the intoxicating freedom and glamour young Vivian Morris encounters in New York City's theater district lead her to make a mistake she'll regret for the rest of her life. - Fritzi

As a follow-up to Newport's book, Deep Work, this book provides persuasive evidence and advice about shortening the time spent on digital activities for more quality time on developing a fulfilling life. I recommend this book for anyone who wants to focus more on life and less online. - Alisha

The story is beautifully written, and Patchett's characters are exceptional. The story begins when the narrator is a child, and events occur that leave both the narrator and the reader with questions. We are rewarded with answers as the story unfurls, but Patchett leaves just the right amount of mystery. - Mary Lou

A Cinderella story set in Mexico in the 1920s featuring Mayan gods and a plucky heroine. - Mary B.

Twin girls fight over the Webster's New International Dictionary, second edition; but the book is really about the stories we tell, families, and love. - Merci

Honeysmoke depicts a small child's search to define what "color" describes her. This picture book is a great tool to show children the only "color" that matters is the color they assign themselves. - Tara

A fabulous historical fiction based on female sea divers who dove for food, not pearls. - Martha H.

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