The Unfinished Corner by Dani Colman

By Colleen Hybl

According to Jewish tradition, God left a corner of the Universe unfinished, but nobody knows why, and it seems only the angels and demons care, until Miriam comes along. Miriam is preparing for her Bat Mitzvah and excited about getting into art school. She is also excited about winning her Jewish school’s art contest with her two friends and a frenemy, which includes a trip. This trip takes a turn when their Rabbi chaperon reveals he is actually the angel Ma'alchiel. He tasks the four students to journey through monster-infested lands to complete the Universe in hopes it will bring some order to the world. 

Along the way, the kids meet Moses’ sister and other people from the Old Testament and the Jewish tradition. As they take on their quest, each of the friends is tested, and secrets are revealed. Although her friends are with her, it is up to Miriam to decide what will happen to this incomplete corner of the Universe and the demons that surround it. 

The Unfinished Corner, opens a new window is a fantasy graphic novel that blends a quest with real-world issues. Each of the kids must face antisemitism, as well as what their Jewish identity means to them and what kind of people they want to be. Readers will be able to relate to points about deciding who they want to be and how they fit in the Universe, and it is also just a good quest book that is enriched by Jewish characters. Currently, The Unfinished Corner is a stand-alone book.