A Woman’s Guide to Mischief and Mayhem

By Colleen Hybl

“Whose idea was it to drive through alligator-infested waters with someone shooting bullets at us?!” 

Yes, bullets, gators, and other assorted items of chaos, mischief, and mayhem are contained within these books. We begin with an assassin trying to escape the chaos of her job. 

CIA Agent Fortune Redding is hiding out in Sinful, Louisiana, in Louisiana Longshot, opens a new window after a mission goes sideways. Sinful seems to be a small, peaceful town, a good place to let everything blow over, but that is far from the case when the dog Fortune inherited digs up a human bone. With the help of two old ladies who seem to run Sinful, Fortune is going to solve the murder before the deputy blows her cover, but she has to contend with a banana pudding feud and the strange laws of Sinful. This is the first book in the Miss Fortune Mysteries, opens a new window series. 

Stephanie Plum leaves the world of retail to become a bail bond agent, but it is far from easy. Her first assignment is to go after a former vice cop and someone from her past in One for the Money, opens a new window. With cars blowing up and a wayward grandma, Stephanie’s job may take a detour that she did not see coming. This is the first book in the Stephanie Plum, opens a new window series. 

Sophie Katz is a mystery writer who thinks there is a copycat killer on the loose in Sex, Murder and a Double Latte, opens a new window. As she tries to solve the mystery of a filmmaker friend who was murdered in a similar way portrayed in one of his movies, Sophie discovers a new love interest, Anatoly Darinsky. There is a problem with Anatoly, though. Is he Sophie’s murder suspect. First book in the Sophie Katz, opens a new window series. 

I hope you will get hooked by one of these books, but watch out for the alligators, bullets, and exploding vehicles! 

“Next time we get shot at, you drive the boat!”