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It's that spooky time of year. From events to booklists, we have plenty of frightful delights to offer you this Halloween season.

Halloween - Featured

Halloween Movie Series

Family-friendly Halloween movies. Bring your own chairs - popcorn served!

Ghosts of Fredericksburg

The spirit of the past still lives in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

CRRL Teens: Real Creepy Reads

Even if you're not a teen reader, these haunting and popular young adult horror novels will keep you up at night.

Mary's Monster

A History of Classic Monsters

From the Black Lagoon to the pyramids of Egypt - these classic movie monsters' legacies have made an imprint on pop culture.

Mary's Monster

CRRL Movies: Killers Among Us

Watch out - the characters in these movies have murder on their minds.

Spooky Stories

Spooky Stories

All Branches
Sing along to spooky songs, enjoy the creepy ambiance, and leave your littlest siblings at home! For grades K-6.

Fabulous Friday: Spooky Science

Fabulous Friday: Spooky Science

Oct 25th | 4:30pm - 5:15pm
IT'S ALIVE! Create fun and creepy science projects. Grades K-6.

Horror & Thriller on Kanopy

Horror & Thriller on Kanopy

From classic Halloween horror to 21st-century favorites, check out these horror and thriller movies from Kanopy: Streaming Video.

Halloween Howl

Halloween Howl

Cooper & Montross Branches
Games, stories, scary food, and a costume parade. All ages.

This House is Haunted Booklist

CRRL Picks: "This house is too good to be true!"

You just found your new house. The rent is cheap, and the location is prime. But, there's something that's not quite right...

This House is Haunted Booklist

CRRL Movies: Slasher Cinema

Don't go out there alone! This list offers some slasher films that defined the genre.

Pumpkin Carving Demo

Pumpkin Carving Demonstration

Oct 26th | 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Presented by Christi Bayha. Free pumpkins (while supplies last) and carving patterns for attendees.

CRRL Kids: Halloween Fun

CRRL Kids: Halloween Fun

Get ready for some spooky good times! We found lots of games to play, stories to share, crafts and recipes beyond compare.

If You Like Stephen King's IT

If you like Stephen King's IT

Check out these spooky suggestions just in time for the long-awaited second installment of Stephen King's It, in theaters September 6.

Possession Movies

CRRL Movies: Possession Movies

Prepare for these horror movies to make your head spin.

Ghost Ships

5 Classic Films with Zombies

5 Classic Films with Zombies

They won't stay dead! Check out these classic zombie movies and stay alive.

5 Classic Films with Zombies

CRRL Kids: Best Spooky Chapter Books

Here's a list of spectacular, spooky chapter books that will give you plenty of chills and thrills.

Halloween History

Haunting Halloween History

October 31st: a night for spooks, shrieks, and overall thrills. Monsters, witches, ghosts, pumpkins - where did they all come from?

AMHS Book Companions

American Horror Story: Book Companions

Check out these book companions to all 9 seasons of the hit television anthology, American Horror Story.

Haunting Classics

CRRL Picks: Hauntingly Romantic Film Classics

There's more than a ghost of a chance you'll find something here to intrigue you.
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