Manage Your Holds

Managing your holds helps us to quickly get the materials ready that you actually want. It's easy to take a look at your current holds and either cancel or suspend the ones you don’t want right away:

  1. To do this through a browser on your computer, tablet, or smart phone, click on Log In/My CRRL at the top of the screen in the purple box. Log in with your account information, which is your username or barcode and pin--usually the last 4 digits of your phone number.
  2. Go to On Hold under My Borrowing. Under Holds, click on Not Ready
  3. If you have physical and digital items on hold, click on physical at the top to just see those. The list is in order by the hold position, but you can reorder by title or other criteria by clicking on Sort by.
  4. If you see anything that you no longer want, click on Cancel Hold. You will see a confirmation message. Click Yes, Cancel Hold to confirm. This will cancel your hold. You can choose to add it to your For later shelf to keep track of it for the future if you would like.
  5. If you see an item that you still want but not right now, you can pause that hold. You keep your place in the hold line, but let someone else borrow the material until you are ready. To pause your hold, click on Pause Hold. Then you will choose the date when you would like the hold to restart. Confirm by clicking Yes, Pause Hold.

You can also review and cancel holds in the library’s mobile app. To do that, click on My CRRL, and then Active Holds. Choose the hold you would like to cancel by tapping on the plus sign next to the title. Tap on Cancel hold and then confirm. 

That’s it! You will receive an email once your holds are ready.