June Bugs!

You see a bug with a cool green body skittering across a picnic table. It stops and seems to be staring at you.

The first thing out of your mouth is:
A. Eww! A bug!
B. Oooh! A bug!
If you are the kind of kid who thinks bugs are cool, summertime was made for you. In summer, bugs are most active. You can learn a lot about bugs by capturing them and studying them for a while before letting them go.
What Is a Bug?
True bugs have mouths like beaks or straws to suck up their food. Two examples of true bugs are stink bugs and the giant water bug.  But most people use the word for any kind of insect, and that is how we are using it here. A June Bug is not really a bug. It is a beetle and related the scarab beetles found in Egypt.
Good Bugs (and Beetles) to KnowJune Bugs
Capture More Bugs in the Library
Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! by Bob Barner
A lovely, rhyming picture book about bugs that’s perfect for storytime.
Bug Hunter by David Burnie
Want to study bugs? This fascinating book has projects and activities to get you started.
“…features some of the most disgusting, farout bugs on the planet. Learn how a scorpion uses its poison, discover how the jumping spider hunts, marvel at the weight of the giant wetapunga (three times heavier than a mouse), and so much more in this book that will have everyone itching for more!”
A Level 2 beginning reader.
June Bugs“…find out more about insects while making 22 low-cost or no-cost projects. So come discover a world filled with creeping cockroaches, buzzing bees, and fluttering butterflies!”
I Love Bugs! by Philemon Sturges
A rhyming picture book about a backyard explorer and his quest to find many different bugs.
Learn all about these beautiful bugs of summer.
Pest Fest by Julia Durango
“In beauty, talent and skills, the housefly can't compete with other bugs. But as a pest he is a winner. Book shows beetle, firefly, cricket, cicada, housefly and spider.”
A picture book.
Want to learn more about bugs? Check out the Bug Facts site and many more books about insects from the library.