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Every month, library branches feature local art for our customers to enjoy. See upcoming, current, and past exhibits

If you are interested in exhibiting your artwork, please read our guidelines for exhibiting art in the library.
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Headquarters Library

Tennessee Hills by Beril Southall
Tennessee Hills by Beril Southall

February: Beril Southhall

"Hello, my name is Beril Southall. I am a lifelong resident of the Fredericksburg area. I have been a craftsman of many things over the last 30 years—welder/fabricator, wood carver, builder, and old car restorer. Also a musician, and have worked as a technician on office equipment as my profession. I decided to start painting in February of 2015. I am self taught, as most all of my hobbies have been. Thanks for looking."

Upcoming Exhibits:
March: Teen Art Show
April: Newell Jones
May: Visual Poetry

England Run Branch

February: Peggy Wickham

"Peggy Wickham has been drawing, painting, and creating art since early childhood. She has a BS degree in Art Education but the best part of her art journey was when she was able to begin working as an artist full time, after the last of her large family left the nest. Making art is her joy and her passion. It allows her to express her love of nature, from oceans to flowers to mountains and deserts.

Her acrylic, watercolor and oil paintings include landscapes, seascapes, florals, abstracts, and still lifes. She also enjoys creating mixed media pieces, as well as textile art and constantly looks for new techniques and materials to experiment with in order to create work that is fresh and unique with an expressive flair."

Upcoming Exhibits:
March: AJ Rasure
April: VA Equine Association
May: E. H. Kindred

Salem Church Branch

February: Suzi Bevan

"For the last three years I've been living a dream of painting with Johnny Johnson as my teacher.  He has been an inspiration and great leader, teacher and cheer leader!  The students in his class have also been gracious and giving of advice and constructive criticism as well as sharing their insights and things they have learned over the years.  There has been nothing but good times and  we all are thrilled at each others accomplishments.

I knew in kindergarten that I loved to paint - finger painting was the de rigueur of the day and it only got better and more fun as the years went by.  I never had formal training until these classes with Johnny Johnson but I still painted - on skirts, shoes, walls, and sometimes even paper!

I feel like Grandma Moses starting so late in my life but I figure, never too late to try something new.  My husband and three daughters as well as my friends are great cheerleaders and as long as I can  - I will paint!"

Upcoming Exhibits:
March: Patty Hoskin
April: Dawn Whitmore
May: Comic Art Show

Porter Branch

February: Stafford County Senior Citizen Artists

Upcoming Exhibits:
April: Carol Coffman
May: Shirley Heim Middle School Students  

Art Shows

Uniquely Stafford

Uniquely Fredericksburg

Uniquely Spotsylvania

Teen Art Show

The Teen Art Show is held annually at Headquarters Library. The two artists who receive first place (grades 9-10 and grades 11-12) are given their own show in the Atrium the following December.