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Every month, library branches feature local art for our customers to enjoy. See upcoming, current, and past exhibits

If you are interested in exhibiting your artwork, please read our guidelines for exhibiting art in the library.
If you have questions, contact Anna Lowry, or 540-372-1144 ext. 226.

If you have a collection that you feel would make a good exhibit, email us.

Headquarters Library

Late Summer Orange, acrylic by Laura Craig
Late Summer Orange, acrylic by Laura Craig

July: Laura Craig
"My aim as an artist is to capture and elevate the everyday and familiar to the painterly and picturesque. My paintings, in general, are snapshots of life: quaint vignettes or narrative portraits in which I attempt to harmonize the calming with the energizing, the quiet with the vibrant, complexity with simplicity. There is often an undercurrent of nostalgia, optimism or femininity to my work. Aside from some training in drawing and watercolor in my childhood, I am entirely self-taught, but I take cues and inspiration from other artists and from my surroundings all the time, and consider painting an ongoing and ever-evolving education. I work primarily in acrylics and watercolor, and my style falls somewhere on the spectrum between realism and impressionism. I am influenced by the work of the impressionists and post-impressionists, and am drawn to art that celebrates light and color and a sense of joie de vivre. A native of Virginia, I grew up on the rural Eastern Shore but have called Fredericksburg home for the past ten years."

Upcoming Exhibits:
August: Students of Bill Harris
September: Jean Wilcox

England Run Branch

July: Tonya Butcher
"I am an award winning artist and instructor located in Northern Virginia with a love of Portraiture. For many years I have been drawn to portraits done by great artists "Michelangelo" being the favorite, never knowing that I had a God given ability within myself. In 2009, I began to educate myself in the techniques of drawing. I was very surprised at how quickly my skills progressed, but I was even more impressed with the inner peace and passion that I found while doing it.

I was immediately drawn to the face, more specifically the eyes. A multitude of emotions are expressed through the eyes; Love, Joy, Peace, Innocence, Fear, Sorrow and so much more. I set out on a quest to capture those emotions and hope to share my vision with others.

I currently use pastel for its softness and beauty. I also enjoy using graphite, carbon and charcoal together to push the envelope on contrast for a more realistic portrait. In January of 2013 I ventured into watercolor and in August of 2014 I jumped "with both feet" into painting with Espresso. I am having a blast. I thank God for the speed at which my abilities continue to improve as well as the endless passion to explore."

Upcoming Exhibits:
September: Sue Henderson

Salem Church Branch

July: Beril Southall
"I am a lifelong resident of the Fredericksburg area. I have been a craftsman of many things over the last 30 years— welder/fabricator, wood carver, builder, old car restorer— also a musician, and have worked as a technician on office equipment as my profession. I decided to start painting in February of 2015, self taught, as most all of my hobbies have been."

Upcoming Exhibits:
September: Jaqueline Hernandez

Porter Branch

June: Shirley Heim Middle School Students

Art Shows

Uniquely Stafford

Uniquely Fredericksburg

Uniquely Spotsylvania

Teen Art Show

The Teen Art Show is held annually at Headquarters Library. The two artists who receive first place (grades 9-10 and grades 11-12) are given their own show in the Atrium the following December.