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Every month, library branches feature local art for our customers to enjoy. See upcoming, current, and past exhibits

If you are interested in exhibiting your artwork, please read our guidelines for exhibiting art in the library.
If you have questions, contact Anna Lowry, or 540-372-1144 ext. 226.

If you have a collection that you feel would make a good exhibit, email us.

Headquarters Library

Narrow the Gate, photography by Becki Heye
Narrow the Gate, photography by Becki Heye

October: Becki Heye
I grew up in the most northern part of Virginia but most recently have made my home in Spotsylvania County. An artistic eye has been one of God’s gifts to me. I have always been an admirer of all kinds of nature and the exploration of it. My curiosity at times would get me into trouble as I would wander off the beaten path and find myself lost in the woods. As an adult I had to put those wandering ideas on hold as the responsibilities of life took the forefront.

Through the years I had many different types of jobs of necessity in my work history. However, my passion for art was not dead, it was just lying dormant until the right time. That time is now. There is always something new to learn about my surroundings. I pay close attention to the message the Creator is trying to relay to me. I like to carry a little camera around with me wherever I go because I never know what I might find. Besides, my memory fades a lot quicker now than it used to... Ha!

I have been honored to exhibit my work in both national and regional competition. All images here and others that are not on exhibit are available in different dimensions upon request.

Upcoming Exhibits:
November: Fritzi Newton
December: Teen Art Show Winners

England Run Branch

October: William O'Connor
This show, Faces, Hands and Places, spans several years of artwork by William J. O’Connor. A native Virginian, William began his professional career in San Antonio, Texas, teaching high school mathematics. He has taught internationally, in both Europe and South America, and it was during one of these teaching exchanges that William began his formal training in art under the Chilean painter Claudio Urzua Vial.

Since returning to Fredericksburg with his family in 2007, William continues to pursue his studies in painting and sculpture; he participates in shows with other Fredericksburg artists; and he serves full time as chair of the Fine Arts department at St. John Paul the Great Catholic High School in Dumfries. William enjoys works of art that reveal the beauty of creation and communicate the dignity of the human person.

The idea behind Faces, Hands, and Places is to show the human being as the highest form of creation (faces), the expression of our work (hands), and the fruit of our labor (places). Enjoy the show!

Upcoming Exhibits:
November: Professional Artists and Artisans of Stafford County
December: Wendy Atwell-Vasey

Salem Church Branch

October: Mary Magneson 
I consider myself a mixed media artist. I don’t work in any one medium but, I love fabric. And color and texture are the elements that I find most appealing. I began sewing in elementary school and playing with color well before that. From doll clothes to my clothes, to clothes for others, to combinations of decorative and functional work. I feel I’ve come full circle.

These pieces are my latest venture back to manipulating fabric and dyes. The yellow pieces began by being dyed yellow then they were folded using a shibori technique and the dyed again in indigo. The blue runner is also dye with indigo with shibori folding techniques. And “Blossom” was ice dyed, then a resist was applied to the surface allowed to dry then India ink was brushed over the top. Finally a shibori stitching technique was also used for “Red shibori” and “Pink essence”. “Red Ginko” is a combination of dyeing, photo transfer and collage.

I hope you enjoy looking at my work as much as I enjoy the process of creating them.

I am a life long learner but my formal education background is a bachelors degree from Florida State University and a masters from Virginia Commonwealth University. I teach at the high school level. I have studio space #13 at Libertytown arts workshop in Fredericksburg.

For pricing and class information contact me at

Upcoming Exhibits:
November: Students of Fred Markham
December: Edward Russell

Porter Branch

October: Saeed Ordoubadi
"I was born 71 years ago in the ancient city of Shiraz—the city of the gift of world her deep red wine. I studied not arts, but economics, applied mathematics, and environmental sciences and I work more than 40 years, as a researcher, statistician, a faculty member, and an economist. Everywhere I worked, there were lots of lights, day and night. The lights, however, were all artificial, the colors unreal, and the images appeared fake. I felt Poet Rumi’s frustration with every cell of my being: “in the world of the blind and the deaf, I had a dream to share, but I was dumb, unable to talk.” Then my retirement came and with that can my rebirth and learning of a new language—the languahe of the soul, spoken in light and color. Mesmerized by light, shadow, and color all my life, I started painting and got back to photography after I retired. Photography was my lifetime passion, which was dormant when I was making a living and raising our children.

The present exhibition—A Taste of Cuba—covers some images of the people and places, arts, and music, and cars and more cars ! This is a selection from images I captured in a one-week trip to a country with rich culture, warm people, beautiful and bright colors and lights. It has been a marvelous soulful journey. I hope the viewers hear the Soul, the way I heard her speak."

Upcoming Exhibits:
November: Professional Artists and Artisans of Stafford County
December: Charlotte Summerfield 

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Teen Art Show

The Teen Art Show is held annually at Headquarters Library. The two artists who receive first place (grades 9-10 and grades 11-12) are given their own show in the Atrium the following December.