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Check the library catalog for upcoming titles by popular authors. You can place a hold for a best seller well before the book is on the shelves.

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How You Can Help

Others might enjoy that book, audio book, CD or DVD you purchased. Donations of materials to the library benefit the whole community and provide you with an opportunity to claim a small tax deduction. Ask us for the donations claim form at the branch where you drop off your books. Donations of monetary gifts help stretch our budget. Gifts can be designated to supplement a particular collection [such as children's books or films on DVD].

The Library's collection budget has been significantly impacted by reduced local funding. Of course, to the best of our ability, we will continue to order new materials in response to current and anticipated patron demand. But for now, we find ourselves unable to respond to specific suggestions for purchase as we have in the past.

 If you have concerns about the CRRL's diminished budget, please express your support for library funding to  your elected officials.


If you require help finding a title you need, please contact us. If your title is over 6 months old, a librarian can guide you to options for borrowing your item on Interlibrary Loan from another library system, merely for the cost of the postage. Or, search for a low-cost gently used copy you might wish to purchase.


We welcome your suggestions for materials to be added to the library collection.  Using the form below, please submit recommendations for titles you're not finding in the library catalog:

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