Alien: Echo by Mira Grant

By Kari Patrick

A new addition to the classic world of Alien, Alien: Echo, by Mira Grant, is a fast-paced novel full of adventure, suspense, and horror. 

At 17, Olivia Shipp is accustomed to the demands of her parents’ work. As xenobiologists, those who study extraterrestrial life, their work has taken them and their two daughters all over the Universe. It also means that Olivia has had opportunities to learn and study the worlds around them, too. 

When they move to the planet Zagreus, things seem to be going very well for Olivia, who soon manages to get her new crush to go on a date with her. Living outside of the safety of the settlement that Zagreus’ colonists have built for themselves affords Olivia the opportunity to take Kora out into the wild to share the beauty and intrigue that she experiences all the time.

At the same time, Olivia’s parents are sent on a job to explore an abandoned ship just above the surface of Zagreus. A mission that should be quick and easy turns into a nightmare when it is compromised, and aliens find their way to the planet’s surface. Working together, the two girls lead a race against time as they try to stay a step ahead of an adaptable and formidable foe. 

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