Ben Motta, MakerLab Volunteer

Ben Motta is a sophomore and cellist at Colonial Forge High School. In his free time, he enjoys reading, hiking, camping, and volunteering in the library's MakerLab at Howell Branch.

Here are some of Ben's favorite books:

"One of my favorite books of all time. American Gods gives an extremely interesting look into the concept of belief and, at the same time, weaves an addictive story of the travels and experiences of the bodyguard of a god." Also available in print and on audio to download.

"This book keeps you hooked to every page. Each plot twist tiles you deeper and deeper into the mystery of what exactly is occurring at an experimental super collider in the desert." Also available on audio CD.

"This eerily familiar tale (which was recently made into a film) gives us a look into a dystopian future in which "privacy is theft." Also available in print and in the DVD version."

"An idea of an American future ripe with open-source everything and a new invention every day. Another fantastic book from technological commentator and author Cory Doctorow." Also available on audio CD.

"A fantastical tale of a boy, a pond, and the universe itself in rural England. A beautiful story by Neil Gaiman, I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys a book they can fall into." Also available as an eBook and on audio.

"A captivating history of the defense research agency that funded and created things like the precursor to the internet, artificial intelligence, and more!"

"Imagine a world in which death has virtually been eliminated. The only way to die without being revived is by fire--or by being "gleaned" by professional killers known as Scythes. When two people are selected for this occupation, they must fight to retain their morals while trying to avoid becoming Scythes." Also available as an eBook.

"A group of hackers is given a choice: go to prison or work for the U.S. government. After they begin, they learn that they and their country are being threatened by a vague (but definitely present) danger." Also available in paperback.

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