The Germanna Community College Film Club

This post is part of our Guest Picks series, featuring members of our library community sharing their favorite books and movies.

The Germanna Community College Film Club was revived in fall of 2016. All of our members are avid movie fans, as well as a few avid readers, and enjoy sharing our enthusiasm with others. It is because of this that we decided our choices would be book-to-movie adaptions. In our college experiences, we have each been asked to learn about different points of view, consider the actions we make and their consequences, and, most importantly, ask "why" when determining the reasons behind people's actions. We hope that the titles we chose, while each entertaining for different reasons, will challenge other readers/viewers to do the same. 

"An original, mind-challenging examination of choices people make and how they affect the future. While the movie was considered a 'sleeper' (not doing well in theaters but rather better on DVD/streaming), the movie was made quite well. The movie cast features familiar names, such as Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, and Hugh Grant."

"A historical look at the life of a transgender woman in the 1920s. The Danish Girl is an unconventional love story between two individuals who, after having already married each other, realized they are still growing and getting to know themselves. The book and movie are loosely inspired by real-life people, Lili Elbe, being one of them, who was a pioneer in the transgender community. The movie adaptation features Eddie Redmayne (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them) and Alicia Vikander (The Man From Uncle)."

"This short story was first published in 1959 with a later movie adaptation in the year 2000. The main character, Charlie Gordon, is chosen for an experiment to raise his IQ level. The book follows Charlie through his transition from being in the lower range of IQ to surpassing his peers and even the doctors. The story grapples with dealing with emotions, the importance we put on intelligence and scientific advancement, and what it means to be a person who goes from one end to the other. The movie adaptation focuses more on the romantic side of the book, but overall both are interesting entertainment that calls upon the audience to think about how things are viewed in the then—and sometimes now—world."

"This book is a psychological thriller with a well-developed female character. For readers who like to read trilogies, this will be the series for them. The Film Club also recommends watching the Swedish movie adaptation for a true telling from the book, but there is an American adaptation that is also well received. Both book and movie(s) handle the sensitive topic of sexual assault; reader discretion is advised."

"Modern representation of a classic 20th-century sci-fi. Upon discussing the movie adaptation Nerve with club members, they excitedly mentioned Ready Player One as another exciting young adult novel that deals with realistic concepts taken to the extreme. We recommend this book to those who enjoy dystopian worlds that explore the way societies evolve (such as Hunger Games or Divergent)."

"Historically accurate point of view that is a must-read and/or watch at least once. The movie cast is spectacular, and the film adaption won three Oscars. However, we do recommend that potential readers/viewers are aware of the ratings for both the book and movie before deciding if they wish to engage in the story themselves."

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