The Good Hawk by Joseph Elliott

By Colleen Hybl

Ever since she was young, Agatha wanted to be a Hawk, someone who patrols her island home, but, after firing upon an Angler boat, Agatha is pulled off that duty. She realizes she does not look like or think like the other villagers, but she knows being a Hawk is her job. This begins her quest to prove she belongs with the others in her clan by helping them out, especially Jaime. 

Angler Jaime has never wanted to be a fisherman, and now he does not want to do the one thing that their village has demanded: marriage. The elders selected Jaime to marry a girl from a rival clan to strengthen ties. On the night of his marriage, Jaime and Agatha were away from their village when their conclave was destroyed, and their fellow clansmen were taken by a powerful enemy. Now, the two friends are off on an adventure through mainland Scotia, a country ravaged by a mysterious plague, to find their people, but it will not be easy for there are long-forgotten secrets and magic on the mainland that will try to impede their journey. 

The Good Hawk is a fantasy adventure set in an alternate version of Scotland, which is sure to excite readers as they figure out what is happening. While Agatha has Down Syndrome, she does not let that become an obstacle or a defining characteristic, which will resonate with some people. The magic, the adventure, and the action will drive readers to the end in anticipation of what comes next.