Marc Hoffman: City Director of Elections

This post is part of our Guest Picks series, featuring members of our library community sharing their favorite books and movies.

Marc Hoffman is the Director of Elections and General Registrar for the City of Fredericksburg. He was appointed to the position in January 2017 after working for the Fredericksburg Circuit Court Clerk since 2012. He was born in Charleston, West Virginia, and spent his teenage years in Arlington, Virginia. Marc attended Gonzaga College High School in Washington, D.C., and West Virginia University in Morgantown. After college, Marc lived in Brooklyn, NY, working in multiple fields, and currently resides in the College Heights neighborhood of Fredericksburg with his wife Laurie Watkins.

Words are powerful and have always fascinated me. I am a gluttonous consumer of information in many forms.

The Rappahannock Regional Library amazes me with the breadth of its offerings, and I engage them consistently. Recent updates to the facilities, digital, and traditional resources serve as a model of intellectual and recreational engagement for our dynamic community. I encourage everyone to utilize and support our libraries.

Image: Marc Hoffman. Photograph by Steve O'Toole. Portrait by Laurie Watkins.

Below are some of Marc's favorite books that range from real-life comedy to gritty noir - with Robert's Rules of Order thrown in for good measure. Be sure to check out the full list, and check out his book recommendations from the library.

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