Hobbit Day Is September 22

For those of us who are J.R.R. Tolkien enthusiasts, September is a time to celebrate and immerse ourselves in his fictional world of Middle Earth. The birthdays of both Frodo and Bilbo Baggins fall on September 22, thus, it makes a perfect day to party like a hobbit! In fact, the date itself has been a fan holiday known as Hobbit Day since the 1970s.

Go to the American Tolkien Society's site for more information about Hobbit Day and Tolkien Week. 

Here are several ways to add a bit of the Shire to your day - because, really, who wants to try walking to Mordor?

  • Eat Like a Hobbit: No hobbit party would be complete without food! Eat like a hobbit with breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses,  luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner, and supper. Perhaps a midnight snack, if you’re still feeling peckish. Or, if you are not accustomed to eating on a hobbit’s schedule, perhaps some small snacks or a bit of lembas, opens a new window would do the trick for the occasion. These recipe collections will get you started: http://kitchenoverlord.com/tag/hobbit/ & https://www.inliterature.net/hobbit-month-2017
  • Have a Movie Marathon: I would suggest refraining from doing a marathon with all three extended-edition Lord of the Rings movies plus the three movies of The Hobbit...which apparently would take about 19 hours, and 39 minutes if you watch them back to back
  • Throw an Unexpected Party: Or, perhaps an expected party. Most hobbits prefer to be invited, so let your guests know about the party ahead of time.  
  • Go barefoot: Make sure to only do this where you’re allowed without shoes, like at home or in the park.
  • Go to a pub: If you’re of age to drink, not to worry, most ale comes in pints!
  • Riddles in the dark: For fans who have read the books, Tolkien’s riddles might not stump them. Why not try to create your own riddles in true hobbit fashion?  
  • Put the kettle on, and settle down with a nice cup of tea - and have a reading marathon.
  • Try Lord of the Rings trivia.

Tolkien Week (September 22-28):

  • Learn more about J.R.R. Tolkien 
  • Make a costume: In the movies, the elves are dressed in Art Nouveau versions of medieval outfits; wizards and humans wear clothing inspired by the 10th-14th centuries. The hobbits wear clothing that is inspired by the 18th and 19th centuries, and dwarves seem to have clothing that is a mix between several time periods. 
  • Learn some ElvishIt's up to you if you choose to try Quenya or Sindarin! (Study materials can be found here)

Whether you have friends to join you in person, virtually, or you just want to spend a quiet day reading, I hope these links and books have sparked some ideas, and your Hobbit Day is a merry one!