Museum Curator and Actor Jarod Kearney

This post is part of our Guest Picks series, featuring members of our library community sharing their favorite books and movies.

About Jarod Kearney

Jarod is the assistant director and curator of The James Monroe Museum and Memorial Library. He is also a photographer and actor, known for playing Luigi in the hit Web series Mario Warfare and Eros in Plan 9. He holds an MA in Museum Studies and BA in History from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

"When I was a kid back in the days of antiquity, my love for literature was instilled by my mother getting her Ph.D. in English – instead of reading children’s books to me she would read the Odyssey, Keats, Beowulf, etc. I didn’t know who the Bernstein Bears were, but I knew Scyld the Son of Sheaf terrified the lords with bands of raiders around the whale-road. As a young kid who made wooden swords looking for dragons, that was just COOL. Fast-forward to today, and my love of a good book encompasses many different genres – I do a lot of driving so I’ll include some audiobooks recommendations as well…"

CRRL Guest Picks: Jarod Kearney

Tremors look like shrimps." Also available to download on audio.

The Dresden Files) is one of the best. Sure it won’t get you thinking about renaissance economics or the philosophical meaning of existence, but it will get you cheering when Dresden battles evil with a reanimated a T-Rex skeleton. As the great philosophers Bill and Ted said, 'Most excellent.'"

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