My Librarian: The Benefits of a Local Writers’ Group

Writing tends to be a solitary activity. From hours of research to even more hours of honing one’s prose or choosing just the right word for a new poem, writers spend a lot of their time working alone. That’s what makes a writers' group so helpful and refreshing. You get together with other writers who understand what you’ve been doing, learn something new to improve your work, make connections for future marketing or partnerships, and get some feedback on your current project.  

When I first started attending and facilitating the Inklings Writers' Group, I had not written much for years, as I was too busy teaching and writing for my students. Over the following months, I was encouraged to pick up my own writing projects again, given great feedback on work I brought to share, and gently prodded to be more regular in my writing habits.

Each month we discuss a topic connected with writing, spend some time reading and critiquing each other’s work, and share resources we’ve found. Here is a list of helpful books, collected by an original member of the group:

CRRL My Librarian: Resources for Inklings

Selected books on the craft of writing

Using many examples and case studies from past editor/writer relationships, Susan Bell talks about why editing is important and how to go beyond spell-checking your work.

What are the four essential tools that writers need to write well? This book discusses each and includes exercises to put them into practice.

Anne Lamott discusses her personal experience as a writer; plus, she gives practical advice on writing and how to overcome feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt.

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One of our members once said, “Every time I go home after one of our meetings, I am inspired to write and write and write.” If you love to write, whether or not you’ve published your work, please join us as we encourage one another in our writing pursuits.  

If you are interested in getting to know other writers and receiving feedback on your work, you can find a group that fits your schedule on our writing groups page.