Falling in Love with the Bridgertons

Twenty years ago, Julia Quinn published The Duke and I, the first book in a planned trilogy. The story was about Daphne Bridgerton and her quest for love in Regency England, but readers loved the Bridgerton family so much that Quinn ended up writing a series of eight books about the Bridgerton siblings. Who can blame them? Filled with witty banter and memorable characters as well as great details about Regency England, the Bridgertons enchant romance lovers everywhere. 

A common misperception about romance novels is that they all have the same plot. While it is true that the definition of a romance is a happily-ever-after ending, the characters come from all walks of life, their stories are set in various time periods and locations, and they face a wide range of obstacles and problems to attain their goal of being with the ones they love. Some stories are set in the modern day, some have fantasy or magical elements, characters come from most countries, and just about every situation can be found in romance novels. 

The Bridgerton books are historical romance stories with many of the familiar tropes and plots found in Regency romances, always with witty conversations and amusing plot twists. The first book in the series is about the eldest daughter, Daphne, who wants to marry for love in a world where making a suitable match is usually more important than affection. To make the world of the Bridgertons even more enticing, Netflix is releasing a new original series based on Julia Quinn’s novels with beautiful sets, costumes, and the characters and stories readers have grown to love on December 25, 2020. 

Whether you love romance in general, enjoy reading about other places and time periods, or just want a fun read, you might like the Bridgerton novels. If you’ve already read the them or you can’t wait for your hold to come in, try one of these historical romances to tide you over: 

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