Hold Redelivery Makes Borrowing OverDrive eBooks & eAudio More Convenient

Not ready to borrow your requested eBooks and eAudio when your turn comes up? Hold redelivery to the rescue!

If you receive a notice that you have items available to check out - and you're not ready for them - you can choose to have them "redelivered" at another more convenient time.

"Redelivery" allows you to keep your place in line for a popular title until you are ready for it, while allowing other readers or listeners to take their turns. 

Things to know about the new hold redelivery feature:

Hold redelivery will be available beginning the week of March 2, 2020, and will replace auto-checkout for new -and- existing holds.

After you receive notice that your OverDrive hold is ready, you have 3 days to choose 1 of these 3 options:

  1. Go ahead and borrow the title.
  2. Suspend your hold by selecting "deliver later" to a time of your choosing. You'll keep your place in line while the next person who wants the book enjoys it.
  3. Cancel the hold.

If you do nothing about the hold that's ready for you, the system will automatically suspend the hold one time for another 7 days as a courtesy. If you do nothing upon receiving the second notice, the system will automatically cancel your hold.

Watch the short video below to walk through your hold redelivery options.