Sidewalk Games

Looking for something to do on when it's a nice day outside? Grab a piece of chalk, some bottle caps, and maybe even a bag of marbles. Have friends over. Eat, laugh, play in the sun, drink something icy, and chalk out your own game board.  When you're done chalking circles, squares and secret messages on the sidewalk, head over to a field or a playground and try your luck with Amoeba Tag or Ghost in the Graveyard. Outside. It's the place to play. After all, whoever tried the Water Balloon Toss in the living room and lived to tell the tale?

You can find rules to great games both online and in the library.

In the Library

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Anna Banana

Rhymes to keep the rhythm and the fun of jump rope going. Here are chants for all kinds of jump rope, and experts can try out the fast red-hot pepper rhymes. Have a hopping good time!

The Chalk Art Handbook: How To Create Masterpieces On Driveways And Sidewalks And In Playgrounds

Offers budding artists a review of the tools involved, as well as tips and tricks to creating an array of sidewalk creatures. For older children, teens, and adults.

Go Out and Play!

A guide to more than seventy classic and contemporary playground games provides instructions for such favorites as kick-the-can, freeze tag, and sardines, in a volume that also includes tips for adults on how to encourage and facilitate outdoor play. Includes a chapter on sidewalk games.

Hopscotch Around the World

So, you think you know hopscotch? Here are 19 different ways to play from 16 different countries, including France, Nigeria, Bolivia, China, and the United States.


You've got your aggies, your immies, your shooters, and swirls. Now, what do you DO with them? Marbles really are cool. You'll find here dozens of ways to play and tips for starting your own marble collection.

Street Rhymes Around the World

An illustrated anthology of jump-rope and other counting street rhymes from 17 countries.

On the Web

"I eat my peas with honey,
I've done it all my life.
It looks a little funny.
But it keeps them on my knife.
How many peas can I get on my knife?
1, 2, 3, . . . . .

Lots of fun rhymes here!

Sidewalk Chalk Games
Not all of these 30 "games" are competitive - although there are some classics, such as FourSquare. But you'll also find fun activities for the artistically inclined.

Sidewalk Games
Hopscotch, Jacks, and Scully all work on the sidewalk, but there are plenty of games to take to the field: Capture the Flag, Human Knot, and Manhunt.