Vietnam-Era Photos

Below you will find images library customers shared for our Vietnam-Era Photo Project. These resources were gathered from February to April 2019 as part of our NEA grant-funded program centered on Tim O'Brien's novel, The Things They Carried. This collection of over 50 photos features American soldiers, Vietnamese civilians, and families on the homefront…
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If you like Catch-22

Catch-22 by Joseph Heller: Joseph Heller's masterpiece about a bomber squadron in the Second World War's Italian theater features a gallery of magnificently strange characters seething with comic energy. The malingering hero, Yossarian, is endlessly inventive in his schemes to save his skin from the horrible chances of war, and his story is studded with incidents and devices…
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Esprit de Corps

"That two battalions of Marines be raised consisting of one colonel, two lieutenant colonels, two majors and officers as usual in other regiments, that they consist of an equal number of privates with other battalions; that particular care be taken that no person be appointed to office or enlisted into said battalions, but such as…
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