Get the MakerLab Drawing Tablet Badge

Are you an artist or another creative type? If so, then come in and try CRRL’s new UG-2150 drawing tablet at Howell Branch's Makerlab.

During a one-hour training session, you’ll learn how to draw on the 21-inch screen using a pressure-sensitive pen. After you have earned the badge, you can reserve the tablet to use in the MakerLab during open library hours. The UG-2150 is not only loaded with art software, but it also comes with 3D modeling, game development, video, and sound editing software, making it a powerful tool for anyone interested in digital media. This equipment is available for students in grade 6 through adult.

For more information about MakerLab badging and to request an appointment, fill out our Makerlab badging appointment request form.

To see what the drawing tablet is capable of, check out this video by YouTuber Art Face.