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If you like books by Patricia Cornwell

If you like books by Patricia Cornwell

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Patricia Cornwell writes crime novels and is known especially for her series featuring Dr. Kay Scarpetta, a medical examiner. Her book Postmortem, which is the first novel to feature Dr. Scarpetta, won a slew of awards, including the Edgar Award and the Macavity Award for best first mystery.


If you like books by Patricia Cornwell, here are some other books and authors that you might like:

The Alibi Man
by Tami Hoag
Former narcotics detective Elena Estes just wants to be left alone, but when a colleague is murdered, her hunt for the killer leads her straight back to the smarmy Palm Beach crowd she abandoned long ago. (Library Journal)



Devil Bones by Kathy Reichs
In a house under renovation in Charlotte, North Carolina, a plumber discovers a forgotten cellar, and some rather grisly remains—the severed head of a teenage girl, several decapitated chickens, and a couple of cauldrons containing beads, feathers, bones, and other relics of religious ceremonies. In a river not far away, an adolescent boy's torso carved with a pentagram, is found. Are these crimes the work of Satanists and devil worshipers? (catalog summary)




The Devil's Bones
by Jefferson Bass
Investigating a suspicious death in which the victim's remains were found in a burned car, forensic anthropologist Bill Brockton engages in an unorthodox experiment to better understand the case. (catalog summary)



by Karin Slaughter
Detective Will Trent of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation takes on the case of a girl who has been savagely murdered in one of Atlanta's most desirable neighborhoods. (catalog summary)



The Keepsake
by Tess Gerritsen
When a perfectly preserved "mummy" is discovered in the dusty basement of Boston's Crispin Museum and an archaeologist turns up missing, medical examiner Maura Isles and Boston homicide detective Jane Rizzoli have precious little time to derail the Archaeology Killer before he adds another chilling piece to his monstrous collection. (catalog summary)




The Killing Hour
by Lisa Gardner
Rookie FBI agent Kimberly Quincy is after a serial killer who always claims two victims, leaving clues with the first corpse that will lead to the second-whose slow, torturous death could be prevented. (Library Journal)



Nine by Jan Burke
LAPD homicide detective Alex Hartwick finds himself at odds with the feds when criminals on the FBI's Most Wanted list start dropping like flies in his jurisdiction. (Library Journal)

by Mark Billingham
In a variation on the serial killer theme, newcomer Billingham's villain doesn't want to actually kill his victims (those who do die he considers mistakes ) so much as induce massive strokes that will leave them cerebrally conscious while otherwise in a completely comatose state known as locked-in syndrome. (catalog summary)



A Thin Dark Line
by Tami Hoag
In this latest from Hoag, who hit it big with Night Sins (LJ 1/95), a female cop teams with a notoriously ill-tempered male detective in hopes of trapping a vicious killer. (Library Journal)