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 by Adriana Trigiani: Valentine Roncalli struggles to save her decades-old family business, finding love and the life she wants along the way.

Very Valentine is an upcoming made-for-TV movie on the Lifetime channel, starring Kelen Coleman as Valentine Roncalli. It is set to premiere on June 9.

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From the small Italian fishing village where she was born to the bustling streets of NYC's Lower East Side, this is the epic saga of Italian-American Giovanna Costa struggling to raise a family and making a living as a midwife.

It's 1949 in South Philadelphia, and the hard-working and proud Palazzinis have built a solid life for themselves and their three sons. But their futures are forever changed by a telegram and the nephew who delivers it.

Maddalena Grasso comes to America, leaving behind everything she knows and loves. In the shadow of St. Anthony's Church, named for the patron saint of lost things, Maddalena will find answers to her prayers come in miraculous ways.

In this unforgettable story, time spans three generations, taking us from the Bronx of the 1950s to contemporary Brooklyn through the eyes of an endearing - but also flawed - Italian-American family.

This story follows the fictional romance of Saverio Armandonada (later Tony Arma) and Chi Chi Donatelli through several decades of the changing American music scene. While Tony hangs on to past hurts, Chi Chi thrives through life-changing events. Their personalities mean they view the world quite differently, and their relationship is also strained by the relationship between Tony and his father.

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