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Grades 7-12, In person and online. Read one (or more!) suggested books on the monthly theme.

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Café Book

What is Café Book?

Teens at area schools meet and talk about the latest and hottest books published for teenagers.

After reading their choices from selected titles, the teens share their thoughts with each other. The ultimate goal is to produce a booklist of each school's "Top Teen Picks" for that year.

Held at middle schools across the service area, Café Book is a partnership between the public and school libraries to encourage and support teens who love to read.

Not only are they enjoying great books with like-minded students, but they are also learning critical literary evaluation skills.

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Explora Middle & High School

Explora Middle & High School (EBSCO)

Supports both student research and classroom instruction. For Grades 6-12. Provided by Find it Virginia.

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HelpNow: Online Tutoring Service

A unique live tutoring, homework help, and studying resource designed to help all ages succeed.

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Look for your next teen read with these suggestions. Staff picks updated monthly.

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