Barbara Gustavson: Permission to Be BOLD

Barbara Gustavson is president and founder of Discover Next Step, a company that helps individuals and teams unlock their potential and provide a deep level of service to those they are passionate about helping. As a certified executive and brain health coach, she provides individualized coaching to those who wants to improve their focus and are looking for more fulfillment in their life and profession. She assesses where they are, guides them to discover their inner strengths, and helps them map out a personalized plan to live out their true callings. She’s the author of Permission to Be BOLD. Her book is available at Central Rappahannock Regional Library as well as through Amazon.

"Do you want to be more bold and grow in areas of your life but struggle with finding the time or energy?
Come learn, get clarity, and develop a Personal Growth Plan - even if you’re in a demanding or challenging season of your life."

You can meet Barbara at one of the several morning workshops she is presenting at CRRL branches in January and February:

1/11/20: Howell Branch - 9:30-11:00
1/22/20: Fredericksburg Branch - 10:00-11:30
2/1/20: Porter Branch - 10:00-11:30
2/22/20: Salem Church Branch - 10:00-11:30

Below are some of Barbara's favorite books:

"When it comes to developing a personal growth plan, this book became my road map."

"This book is filled with resources to help optimize the brain and help improve focus, attention and well-being."

"A great read for introverts and extroverts. This book is packed full of tips and tools to help leverage your strengths."

"When I read this back in high school, it was the first book where I found myself completely ‘lost’ in the story; I couldn’t put it down."

"This true story demonstrates that even under the most difficult conditions of human suffering, there is nothing more powerful than the spirit of a man who determines to rise above his circumstances."

"Instead of taking huge steps, this book encourages you to take small, consistent steps that create lasting habits and fuel your energy."

"There was a time in my life where I was searching for more purpose and meaning, and this book helped me articulate what was important to me and what career would be most fulfilling for me."

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