If you like The Dark Tower series by Stephen King

The story centers upon Roland Deschain, the last gunslinger, who has been chasing after his adversary, "the man in black," for many years. The novel follows Roland's trek through a vast desert and beyond in search of the man in black. Roland meets several people along his journey, including a boy named Jake Chambers who travels with him part of the way.

The Gunslinger

In 1978, Stephen King introduced the world to the last Gunslinger, Roland of Gilead. Nothing has been the same since. Over twenty years later, the quest for the Dark Tower continues to take readers on a wildly epic ride. Through parallel worlds and across time, Roland must brave desolate wastelands and endless deserts, drifting into the unimaginable and the familiar as the road to the Dark Tower extends beyond its own pages. A classic tale of colossal scope —crossing over terrain from The StandThe Eyes of the DragonInsomnia, and other familiar King haunts.

The Dark Tower is an American science fantasy western action horror film directed and co-written by Nikolaj Arcel. The film recieved negative reviews by fans and critics alike. By September 2016, a television series was scheduled to be released in 2018, with Glen Mazzara as producer. While discussing the development of the series in the light of the film's critical and commercial underperformance, King expressed "we'll see what happens with that. It would be like a complete reboot, so we'll just have to see". In February 2018, Amazon bought the rights to a TV series adaptation.

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