If you like The Babysitters Club books...

I think the Babysitters Club is a great series. If you like those books, you might also want to read the Friends Forever series also written by Ann Martin. I have added a few other book titles I think you will enjoy. Thank you for using Book Match and remember to visit our website again for a great selection of books.

Love, from the Fifth Grade Celebrity by Patricia Reilly Giff
Casey enjoyed Tracy's company during summer vacation but becomes
increasingly jealous of her irrepressible new friend when she joins
Casey's fifth-grade class.

The Penderwicks: a summer tale of four sisters, two rabbits, and a very interesting boy by Jeanne Birdsall.
While vacationing with their widowed father in the Berkshire Mountains, four lovable sisters, ages four through twelve, share adventures with a local boy, much to the dismay of his snobbish mother.

Ten kids, No Pets by Ann Martin
The ten Rosso children, spaced a year apart and named alphabetically,
find their life rambunctious and exciting when their family leaves New York City for a big old farmhouse and new friends

Kitty in High school by Judy Delton.
Just after World War II, Kitty becomes a freshman at a Catholic high
school in St. Paul, where she reevaluates her friendships and turns her attention to boys

Friends Forever by Miriam Chaikin
As news of German victories on the battlefields and Nazi atrocities
against the Jews comes over the radio, Mollie faces important decisions as she and her Brooklyn friends prepare to enter junior high school.

Libby on Wednesday by Zilpha Keatley Snyder
Having been put ahead in an accelerated eighth grade program by her
bizarre and creative family, precocious eleven-year-old Libby hates her "socialization" process, until she makes some highly original friends in a writing workshop.

A Girl Called Al by Constance C. Greene.
A seventh-grade girl, her slightly fat girl friend, Al, and the
assistant superintendent of their apartment building form a mutually
needed friendship with the usual--and a few unusual--joys and sorrows.
There are two more books in the series.

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