Local History

  • The Civil War - Our region was a crossroads in the Civil War for armies, civilians, and escaping slaves. Several important battles were fought here, accounts of which can be read in history books and online, as well as in memoirs.
  • Genealogy - If you're ready to climb your family tree, we can supply both personal guidance and print, as well as online, resources.
  • History Blog - These articles, written by CRRL staff and volunteers, touch on intriguing aspects of our local history.
  • Oral Histories - The memories of our community members - some of whom are no longer with us - are a unique way of connecting to the past.
  • The Postcard Collection - De'Onne C. Scott's postcard collection, shared with us online, allows you to see our area as tourists did in the 20th century.
  • The Virginiana Room - Our Virginiana Room at Fredericksburg Branch contains much history of the region, from genealogy resources to local newspapers on microfilm.
  • Virtual Virginiana - These publicly available history books and databases can be explored online anytime.