My Librarian: Jessie

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CRRL My Librarian: Absolutely Fantastic
This list was made in response to a My Librarian request for a teen who wanted fantasy books.

CRRL My Librarian: Get a Clue (Mysteries for Kids)
This list was created in response to a request from a customer who loves the A to Z Mysteries.

CRRL My Librarian: Terrific for Toddlers
This list was created in response to a request for great books for a little one who loves Winnie the Pooh but is open to other characters as well. These titles are great for snuggling up with your little one and reading together.

About Jessie

For many kids, getting a library card is a big deal, almost a rite of passage. I, on the other hand, don’t remember my first library card, largely because I was five months old when my mother signed me up for one. I do remember being the kid tottering up to the checkout desk with a stack of books almost as tall as I was. (This still happens on occasion, but now I have tote bags to haul everything in.) Since I’ve always alternated between being completely absorbed in a good book, movie, or TV show and actively trying to get everyone I know equally absorbed in them, my decision to pursue a career as a librarian shocked absolutely no one.

I have a BA in English from Christopher Newport University and my MLIS from Florida State University. I found my way to the CRRL in 2012, starting in Customer Service before settling happily in Youth Services. Although I always tell people I’ll read anything as long as it’s well-written, I gravitate toward fantasy and sci-fi, realistic fiction, folktales and fairy tales, classic literature, and graphic novels and comic books. I believe in enjoying picture books at any age, audiobooks as the ultimate cure to “Are we there yet?”, seeing Shakespeare performed live, and reading the funniest bits of books out loud - even if you have to corner a family member to do so.