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CRRL My Librarian: Adventures in the Ancient World
The Ancient world was an exciting and vibrant place: massive temples dominated burgeoning city states, gladiators and charioteers competed for glory before cheering masses, painted ships sailed the seas spreading trade and empire, and cultures clashed in epic battles. It's no surprise that this time period is the perfect setting for dramatic tales of adventure. Enjoy this list of some of the best.

CRRL My Librarian: History's Great Mysteries
Do you find yourself injecting the phrase "the truth is out there" into every conversation? Do you have a neighbor who looks suspiciously like the composite sketch of D.B. Cooper? Have you ever seen Bigfoot rummaging through your trash? If so, you'll enjoy this list of titles about history's greatest mysteries.

CRRL My Librarian: Medieval Adventures
Grab your sword and shield, and hop on your trusty steed because these historical fiction books will take you on a medieval adventure.

About Eric

I’m interested in a wide variety of subjects and my reading habits reflect that. When it comes to non-fiction, I tend to read a lot of history books. Some of my favorite subjects are military history, colonial history, and historical mysteries/oddities. I’m a bit of a DIYer so, from time to time, I will read books on carpentry, cooking, sewing, painting/drawing or any other craft that might peak my interest. I also really enjoy the outdoors, so books on plant and animal identification are always interesting to me.

As for fiction, I tend to like books that move along at a steady to fast pace; anything with a bit of swashbuckling or daring deeds usually peaks my interest. I also read mysteries and horror on occasion.