My Librarian: Babak

My Librarian: Meet Babak

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About Babak

Hi, everyone! I’m Babak. That’s pronounced BAH-BACK.

I grew up here in Fredericksburg. As the child of teachers and a bookworm at a young age, I spent a good deal of my childhood here in our library system. I was particularly fond of fantasy and science fiction.

And, while my love of my “home genres” continues to this day, I developed a love of classics during my undergraduate days at St. John’s College in Annapolis, MD, and then read both fiction and non-fiction more widely during graduate school.

After getting my masters in Library and Information Sciences from Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., I returned to Fredericksburg to work in the same library system I grew up with. I now use my wide-ranging knowledge of books to help readers like you find their next great reads.

Outside of books, my interests are just as wide-ranging. I count a lot of musicians, writers, artists, and gamers among my friends, and I’m always interested in hearing and seeing what people are passionate about. And, while I currently don’t have a pet, you’re welcome to tell me all about yours!

So, feel free to get in touch and ask for a story; I’m sure I’ll find one just for you!

My Librarian: Babak

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