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CRRL My Librarian: The Gray Wave - Facing Aging and Ageism
The "Golden Years" may look a lot less sparkly if you're having issues with your health or finances. Further, many companies choose to downsize - with those employees who have years of experience and correspondingly larger salaries and greater benefits being shown the door first. Navigating this part of life requires wisdom, humor, and determination. Hopefully, these books can add to your store.

CRRL Holidays: Books for Advent
For those who celebrate Christmas as part of their faith, the days leading up to December 25 are a time for rejoicing and reflection.

CRRL Picks: A Grateful Heart
Thanksgiving is a special season to reflect on all the good things - however small they may appear to be - that life allows us to experience. An "attitude of gratitude" has been shown to relieve personal stress, make companies more productive, and ultimately change lives for the better. Learn more about cultivating a grateful heart with these selections.

CRRL Kids: All Hallows' Day
November 1 is a day when many Christians celebrate the saints - both those known and unknown.

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About Virginia J.

I've been interested in history and writing since I was a kid. Thinking of being the next Marion Ravenwood, I earned a degree in anthropology from William & Mary. Upon graduating, I somehow managed to finesse an entry-level job at the Smithsonian, having done summer study at a Roman fort excavation in Warwickshire.

Despite enjoying the chance to stabilize (carefully clean and box) artifacts from Captain Cook's voyages and ornamental Japanese swords and guns, it was clear this job had no career path. It was back to being a local tour guide (Mary Washington, Eliza Kortwright Monroe, and I are well-acquainted) for a bit until the library took me under its wing.

A stretch at the College of Library and Information Science at the University of Maryland taught me many things, including the way of the storyteller and how to do a bang-up job on a pathfinder about King Arthur. Since coming to CRRL, I've migrated from Youth Services to Research to the Web Team, where I do a lot of writing and editing.

I have a tremendous interest in Virginia history, probably as a result of growing up in "America's Most Historic City." I particularly enjoy the odder stories from history, historical novels, magical realism, multigenerational sagas, mysteries, British fantasy and humor (often combined!), psychological horror - or Gothic, if you prefer, and novels set in other cultures.

Drop me a line. I'll find something good for you!