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Latest My Librarian Picks

My Librarian: Meal Prep Madness!

These are informative go-to cookbooks when you're looking to plan out your meals for the week or freeze meals ahead of time.

My Librarian: May 2021 Picks

Check out our librarians' latest recommendations for fun, suspenseful, romantic, and enlightening reads!

Sincerely, Me

My Librarian staffer Colleen shares three books that aren't the usual chapter and verse!

My Librarian: The Ancient World

A collection of books about (mostly) prehistoric human habitations and civilizations throughout the world.

My Librarian: Turn Up the Music!

Do you like to read about the trials and triumphs of your favorite musicians? These titles will make you want to turn up the music!

My Librarian: Baseball

Here are books about the "National Pastime," including biographies, history of the game, developments in team building, and a little humor.

If you like The Great Gatsby

Like The Great Gatsby and looking for a similar Jazz Age title? Check these out.

My Librarian: Invasions! Teens in Peril

Read these exciting stories of teens trying to survive against threatening invasions of all types!

My Librarian: Picture Books to Celebrate the Earth

Our planet Earth is an amazing place, but it needs our help. Here are recommendations to help children of all ages appreciate the Earth!

My Librarian: Aerial Warfare

Histories of combat in the sky, including stories from the pilots themselves.

My Librarian: F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald

Learn more about the complicated lives of F. Scott and Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald, their works, and the 1920s.

My Librarian: Books for Lent

This list includes books of Lenten meditations, novels with Christian themes, biographies, and more.

My Librarian April 2021 Picks

Looking for a good read? CRRL's My Librarian team shares their favorites every month.

My Librarian: Love and War

Are love and war two sides of the same coin? You decide with these fantasy/science-fiction young adult reads.

My Librarian: Mushrooms

Some resources that help with identifying, cultivating, and perhaps cooking some fungi.

My Librarian: Family Affair

Young adult reads that feature family secrets, schemes, and support to prove every family has a story.

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