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I am a Adult Reader seeking the perfect book match.

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My Librarian - Row 1

Ann Recommends...

Picture Books | Realistic Teen Fiction | Adult Literary Fiction

Babak Recommends...

Literary | Quirky | Paranormal

Ed Recommends...

Biology & Natural History | Classic Fiction | American Poetry

Eric Recommends...

History | Adventure | Western

My Librarian - Row 2

Geri Recommends...

Historical fiction | Thrillers/suspense | Realistic fiction

Jessie Recommends...

Picture Books | Graphic Novels | Teen Fantasy

Joe Recommends...

Award-winning Youth Literature | Youth Nonfiction & Biographies | Middle Grade Literature

Joy Recommends...

British Mysteries | Classics | Writing Craft

My Librarian - Row 3

Mary Recommends...

Science Fiction | Biographies | Adult Nonfiction

Michelle Recommends...

Graphic novels | Historical Fiction | Fantasy

Virginia Recommends...

History | Romantic Suspense | Historical Fiction

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